"My goal with Maker & Mineral is to produce sustainable, hand-crafted, and well-crafted home wears, accessories, and clothing for the modern person who wants to buck fast fashion and temporary trends.

How I do it:

  • I strive to use recycled materials from creative reuse centers or from my own home whenever possible, which helps make the pieces entirely unique
  • I shop local (aka I try to source my materials from the San Francisco/ Bay Area or California on the whole)
  • I use remnant or deadstock fabrics
  • And most importantly I pattern, print, design, sew, stitch, and more generally MAKE all of the products myself here in San Francisco. 

I also seek to evoke ideas of nature within all of my work.  Using abstracted rock, floral, vegetable motifs, I want to hopefully remind people of our own small connections with natural world and push for sustainability."