"My faith has led my legs through deep forest, along rushing streams, high up mountain peaks, and my soul to wander even further. Called by the mysteries and treasures of the natural world and by beholding the essence of the wild unknown, I have gathered my sense of the true value of all. Most rockformations and crystals were created before humans were on the evolutionary map. Astonishing stones embedded with immemorial enigmas and mystery, tells a story that far outlive any of us. Sacred stones were used by ancient cultures in ritual adornments and to express their mythologies. Thousands of years of wisdom, able to embrace by connecting to crystals. Each with its own unique history, tales of wonder and cosmic power.

The raw stones are naturally shaped and colored by the earth and the occurring minerals. I aim to keep my craft conscious and cruelty free using ethical materials. Handcrafted, fairtrade fine silver tribal beads or iron metals and exclusively vegan leather, hemp or linen fibers. All items are handmade to order, in my studio at home in the mountains of Åre, northern Sweden. Here, nature serves as a constant inspiration; the colors, patterns, textures, the shapes. 

Pochaunted jewelry is made with intention and aim to grow to be part of your being. With worship and deep respect for nature and the great forms of life which here reside. All equally worthy and vital, when walking beside us as when out of our reach, in another time or space. And a belief in my heart that a deceased animal is as sacred and worthy as anyone who once had a life here on earth".